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How To Setup Your Gyro

Welcome! This video will explain how to properly set up your Gyro Brake System on your BMX.

If you have any questions, Please email us at 

Remember. If you don't feel comfortable fixing the brakes yourself, bring it in, and we will make sure it's safe for you to ride. 


How to install your cables for your gyro brake system. Having brakes doesn't have to be complicated.

Follow the video, and start from top to bottom if cables aren't installed yet. Also make sure the brake pads are aligned with the rim before you begin. 


TIP 1,,, If you find the brakes too stiff or too loose. Either the cables need replacing, or the tension of the brake caliber needs adjusting. 

TIP 2... If you find your brakes not having enough power to stop you, Try replacing your brake pads with NEW ones. Even longer ones if possible. Old pads can be dried out and or worn. You will find new pads are fresh and a little softer to grab the rim. 
Also, try to loosen the tension on the caliber as much as possible, but still having it rebound back into position. You'll find when you use the brake lever its easier to pull, thus making it grab better on the rim.

If you ride your BMX frequently, I recommend buying cables every year. As well as removing your brakes to expose the posts to clean and lubricate them. Upper and Lower Cables are inexpensive and should run anywhere from $6 to $10 a piece. 

If you have any questions, please email us at or comment below and we will try to answer it for you. 

Bonus Opinion. 
I get some customers who take their brakes completely off. Mainly because it doesn't work properly. and plus it looks cool. I only recommend a brakeless BMX if your using it strictly in the skate park, and have experience free-styling with your BMX.
If you have trouble with your BMX brakes, and you don't feel comfortable working on them. Go see your local bike shop. Brake Adjustments can be FREE or up to $20 in shop.