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RollerGard Roller
RollerGard Skate Guards With ABEC 5 bearing and a lightweight plastic. This patent design keeps blades from touching the bottom of the RollerGards, therefore your skate stays sharper. Great for getting to the rink.
Bauer Lightspeed Service & Travel Kit
Features Ultra durable case - Protects the steel and can withstand the grind of a hard hockey season. TUUK LS Wrench - Easy to use tool for replacing your steel runners Individual Slots - Holds, maintains, and protects the steel from getting damaged. *Replacement Steel Sold Separately
HockeyTUL Deluxe Kit
Fix your helmet, skates, and frayed laces. Pull laces and cut tape. Debur/Sharpen your skates. Don't Get Benched By Your Equipment! HockeyTUL Deluxe Kit Includes: • Folding Pocket Tool • 1 Skate Stone • Carry Pouch • Assorted Helmet Hardware
Shock Doctor Flavor Fusion
Shock Doctor - Gel Max Flavor Fusion Come in Adult or Youth - Gel Max Fit with Flavor Fusion Technology - High Impact Shock Absorption - Ultimate Custom Fit - Convertible Tether Come in many Flavors. Orange Sour Apple Bubble Gum Blue Raspberry Lime Fruit Punch Mint
HockeyTUL Folding Pocket Tool
The HockeyTUL Folding Pocket Tool • Fix Helmet • Fix Skates • Pull Laces • Fix Frayed Laces • Cut Tape/Loose Threads
Sidelines Sports Magic-Stick
Magic-Stick by Sidelines Sports is the Ultimate Skate Sharpening Tool. The Magic-Stick is a hand-held skate sharpening tool. As your edges become dull and wear down, the Magic-Stick restores yours blades and brings the edge back to them, improving your control, speed and minimizing the number of times required to for sharpening. Using the Magic-Stick is EASY! Simply hold the Magic-Stick between your fore-finger & thumb and lightly drag the Magic-Stick along the blade from toe to heel. Just one or two light strokes is all it takes to bring the edges back you to your blades. BONUS - Comes with a Moulded-In Honing Stone and Carry Case
CCM Stick Bag
$21.00 $30.00 30% Off
The Stick Bag is ideal for travel players looking to protect their precious assets, hold 2 sticks.
BladeTape Player
$12.00 - $16.99
BladeTape is fast and easy to apply for better grip on the puck and better stick handling. BETTER GRIP ON THE PUCK With a patented rubber face and ridge pattern, BladeTape allows for added grip on the puck for improved control. BETTER STICKHANDLING Without a bottom edge, BladeTape lets your stick glide through the ice as you feel your stickhandling speed up. NO SNOW OR ICE BUILDUP With BladeTape's rubber surface, snow and ice are naturally repelled.
Smart Hockey Smart Hockey Balls
The Smarthockey Training Ball is the only off-ice training device that matches the bounce, weight, height and slide of an ice hockey puck. The Smarthockey Training Ball is recognized as the #1 off-ice training ball in the world and can be found in the locker rooms of over 22 NHL teams, 30 European National and Pro teams, 50 US Men’s and Women’s Division I College teams and numerous Major Junior teams.
Sidelines Sports All-in-One Hockey Tool Kit
All-In-One Hockey Tool Kit Includes: • 2 Screwdrivers • 1 Lace Hook • 6 Helmet Screws • 1 Honing Stone Clips onto hockey bag!
Bauer Emergency Kit
Universal Helmet Emergency Kit. Comes with screwdriver, and a variety of hardware for your helmet.
Lowry Sports Stick Tape - Large
$5.00 - $5.75
Pro Grade Stick Tape at it's best by Lowry Sports. 30mm x 25m • Durability • Adhesion on Wood and Composite Blades • Less Residue on Blades • Reducing Water Absorption Comes in standard colours of both Black and White
360 Athletics Hard Low Bounce
Conforms to Official Ball Hockey standards. Hard Low Bounce for warm temperature.
Lowry Sports Sock/Shin Pad Tape
$2.50 - $4.50
Lowry - Sock/Shin Pad Tape. Quality Pro Grade. 24mm x 30m Why is Lowry Hockey Tape SO GOOD! Some sock tapes stretch too much, and others tear too easily. Lowry sock tape has the perfect formulation that virtually all hockey players demand.
Sidelines Sports Hockey Ball - Glow In The Dark
There are many times when you want to play hockey in the dark, and now it's easier to see the ball when it glows in the dark.
Lowry Sports Coloured Tape
Pro Grade Coloured Tape comes in a variety of colours. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Plum, Navy, and Pink.
Lowry Sports Stick Tape - Small
$2.50 - $3.50
Pro Grade Stick Tape at it's best by Lowry Sports. 30mm x 12m • Durability • Adhesion on Wood and Composite Blades • Less Residue on Blades • Reducing Water Absorption Comes in standard colours of both Black and White
Sidelines Sports Skate Lace Tightner
Having trouble getting a good tighten on your skates. Use this tool to get it just right. Great for kids who don't want their parents in the dressing room.
Lowry Sports Puck
Regular Hockey Pucks
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