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Blademaster is the global market leader in skate care equipment and supplies.

Every Hockey player is different, and we at Sports Shack, will get you in the right direction with your personal custom cut!

Which Hollow Are You?

Every skate sharpened, has two out-side edges, and the space between those edges, is called a hollow.

Now, wether you have a deep or shallow hallow, both will be very sharp, but every player has different abilities, weight, and skating styles. 

The benefits of a DEEP hollow are more bite for stopping and tighter turns. This is ideally for lighter players under 185 pounds, that require to dig more into the ice.
Disadvantages are that you sink deeper into the ice, causing more drag and less glide. With the deeper hollow, the edges may chip easier and require more maintenance.

Deep Depths are 1/2, 3/8, or 1/4

Heavier players are more likely to use a flat hollow, to allow for more glide, and because it doesn't sink deep into the ice, it allows the player to skate with less energy.

Shallow Depths are 5/8, 3/4, 7/8, or 1


Sharpen Diagram   

Radius Depths

NHL Player Depths

Wayne Gretzky: 1/2
Mark Messier: 1
Joe Sakic: 5/8
Jarome Iginla: 1/2
Chris Pronger: 7/8


Hockey Skates: $9.00 Plus G.S.T

Figure/Goalie Skates: $9.00 Plus G.S.T

First Time Cut/Excessive Rust Removal: ADD $2.00

We offer Prepaid Skate Sharpening Cards: $80 Plus G.S.T
for 10 Sharpens ($8.00/pr)

*Skates are sharpened at radius 1/2, unless otherwise stated.


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